Apple Tree - Winesap

Apple Tree - Winesap

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Malus domestica 'Winesap'

Mixing sweet and tart flavors, the flavor of Winesap apples has many of the qualities of a fine wine, resulting in the common name of the tree. The fruit itself is a draw, delicious and crunchy, yet keeping well in storage up to six months. It grows on many soil types, including clay, requires little maintenance and produces a reliable harvest year after year.

In the spring, Winesap apple trees provide a lacy show of white or soft pink blossoms. In the fall, when the apples ripen, their red color provides a striking contrast to the green canopy.

Common Name Winesap Apple
Current Size 7 GAL pot
Hardiness Zone 5
Mature Height 10-12'
Mature Spread 10'
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Fruiting Time Fall
Special Features
  • Produces fruit
  • Spring flowers


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