Aubretia - False Rock Cress (Seeds)

Aubretia - False Rock Cress (Seeds)

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Low growing carpet of dense evergreen green foliage smothered with flowers in pink, crimson and blue shades growing only 6" tall. Vigorous and free flowering. False Rock Cress is ideal for rockeries or for tumbling over walls. Grows best in full sun but will tolerate some shade. Perennial hardy to Zone 4.

How to Grow

2500 seed/gram. Sow seed indoors in a soil-less mix in April. Lightly cover with a fine sifting of growing medium and at a temperature of no more than 15°C for the 14-21 day germination period. Some gardeners report germination is inhibited by temperatures greater than 10°C. After germination, grow on under lights then harden off and transplant outside to a sunny site. Two grams sows 33 square feet.