Butterfly Mixture (OSC Special Mix) (Seeds)

Butterfly Mixture (OSC Special Mix) (Seeds)

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We have put together a specific grouping of plants with flowers in various shades of violet, blue, orange, red and white for the purpose of attracting a wide assortment of butterflies. A blend of annuals (A) and hardy perennials (P) with a garden height that averages 60 cm (2′).  Contains: White Alyssum (A), African Daisy (A), Blue Bachelor Buttons (A), Butterfly Weed (P), Candytuft (A), Catchfly (P), Columbine (P), Purple Coneflower (P), Prairie Coneflower (P), Plains Coreopsis (A), Lance Leaf Coreopsis (P), Cosmos (A), Scarlet Flax (A), Red Swamp Milkweed (P), Siberian Wallflower (P).

How to Grow

Sow wildflower seeds into a prepared seedbed from early May through mid-June or in the fall from mid-September through to late October. A late fall sowing additionally allows any dormant seed to be naturally stratified over the winter. A very early spring sowing in late March and early April is also effective at providing natural stratification on any dormant seed. Site Preparation. Remove weeds by hand or apply an organic non-selective herbicide. Loosen soil to 2.5 cm (1″) depth with a stiff rake, cultivator or hoe. Flowers will germinate and establish themselves much better when planted into a bed of well drained loose soil, rather than dense or compacted topsoil. Broadcast the seed and let mother nature do the rest. Smaller seeds can be mixed with dry sand to improve distribution when sowing. Natural forces such as rain, snow and frost-heaving of the soil will work the seed down into the soil bed. Irrigate through the first growing season as needed.

Sow at 125 g/90 m2  or  9.5 kgs/ha