Cactus - Mixed Varieties (Seeds)

Cactus - Mixed Varieties (Seeds)

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This attractive mix of miniature desert plants is a real pleasure to grow – and surprisingly easy to grow from seed! Contains a blend of saguaro, barrel, cluster and cereus cacti.

How to Grow

Sow seeds into a barely moistened peat-based medium or a sand/vermiculite combination that has been pre-moistened by lightly misting with a spray bottle. Make sure seeds are sown on the surface of the growing medium so that they are exposed to light. Once the seeds have been placed on the medium, do not apply any more water at this time. Rather wait two weeks, then using a mister, apply water until the medium is damp. Provide bottom heat at 23-25 C (73-77 F) or keep the container in a warm place during the germination period. Establishment of seedlings is enhanced with long days (13-16 hours) – this may require the use of artificial light to supplement sunlight.