California Poppy - Mission Bells Mixed (Seeds)

California Poppy - Mission Bells Mixed (Seeds)

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Rugged, drought resistant plants are loaded with a bright contrasting mix of gold, orange, red and white flowers atop finely cut light green foliage. Perfect for mass plantings and xeriscaping. A bee and butterfly favourite too! Often re-seeds itself the second season. Matures to 30 cm (1’) height.

How to Grow

600 seed/gram. Directly sow seeds into the garden about 3-6 mm (1/8-1/4″) deep where they are to bloom. Space seed about 15-20 cm (6-8 “) apart in an area with full sun and light sandy soil. Lightly cultivate and keep the soil moist until germination occurs. California Poppy is intolerant of transplanting so do not attempt to start this seed early indoors. California Poppy can re-seed itself but it is not considered invasive.