Clarkia - Double Mixed (Seeds)

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Delightful, dainty double and semi double flowers about 2.5 cm (1″) wide that resemble hollyhocks. Colours include pink, red, salmon and white. Growing to 60 cm (2′) in height, Clarkia makes an elegant statement in the garden and works nicely as a cut flower. For better flowering keep plants slightly crowded and go easy on fertilizing. Flowering will slow down during periods of excessively hot weather.

How to Grow

1300 seed/gram. Sow seed outdoors in mid-May and once or twice more at two week intervals. Plant seed 3 mm (1/8″) deep and keep the soil from drying out during the 7-14 day germination period. Thin seedlings to 25 cm (10″) apart when they are 5 cm (2″) tall. While Clarkia does best in sunny or mostly sunny locations, some light afternoon shade will be beneficial in areas with very hot summer temperatures. Keep plants evenly watered – especially in periods of drought.