Dahlia - Unwins Dwarf Hybrids (Seeds)

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Large double and semi-double flowers 7.5 cm (3″) across adorn these pretty plants. Colours include soft pink, deep rose, yellow, orange scarlet and crimson. The nicely branched, bushy plants grow to 60 cm (2′) in height. Plants typically flower from late June/early July right through until late season frost arrives.

How to Grow

100 seed/gram. Direct sow in mid-May – barely cover the seed with soil and keep moist during the 7-14 day germination period. May be started 6-8 weeks early indoors in a soil-less growing medium. Germinate at 15-18 C (60-65 F). Initially, seedlings are variable in both size and apparent ‘strength’. Happily, most of the seedlings will mature into beautiful plants filled with blooms. Grow-on under lights at 13-15 C (55-60 F) then harden off and transplant to the garden in late May. Space plants 25 cm (10″) apart in the garden. Enjoys full sun.