Everlastings - Special Mixture (Seeds)

Everlastings - Special Mixture (Seeds)

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A specially selected blend of annual flowers and grasses and tender perennials that are easy to grow. These varieties are colourful in the garden and dry nicely for use in flower arrangements in the home. Our everlastings blend includes, but is not limited to, African Daisy, Bachelor Buttons, Bells of Ireland, Calendula, Gomphrena, Gypsophila, Lunaria, Scabiosa, Statice Art Shades Mix, Russian Statice, Strawflower, Angels Hair, Briza-Quaking Grass, Bunny Tails.

How to Grow

Sow this mix outdoors in mid-May in a sunny location. Work soil to loosen it then spread the seed and cover it lightly with soil. Keep the seeded area moist during the 7 to 14 day germination period. Thinning is not necessary unless bushier plants are desired.