Gomphrena - All Colour Blend (Seeds)

Gomphrena - All Colour Blend (Seeds)

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A dwarf everlasting with attractive, small ball shaped clover-like blooms. Perfect for rock gardens and borders. Flowers are white, pink, rose and red shades and are long lasting both in the garden and when dried. Thrives in both hot weather and poor soil. Butterflies are often attracted to the flowers. It is best to harvest flowering stems at the onset of blooming, if your intention is to dry them as ‘everlastings’ as older flowers often fall apart after drying.

How to Grow

350 seed/gram. Globe Amaranth. Sow seed outdoors in May in a sunny location. Just cover the seed with soil. We suggest soaking the seed for 24 hours prior to planting. Thin to 45 cm (18″) apart. For earlier flowering seeds can be sown indoors in a soil-less mix 6 weeks before planting out. Germination will occur in 10-14 days at 21 C (70 F). Grow on under lights at a cooler temperature range of 15-18 C (60- 65 F) then harden off and transplant out to a sunny spot after the danger of frost has passed.