Iceland Poppy - Giant Mixed (Seeds)

Iceland Poppy - Giant Mixed (Seeds)

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Large 10 cm (4″) wide flowers with wavy and fringed petals form in a multitude of colours atop fine bright green fern-like foliage on plants growing to 45 cm (18″) in height. Strong stems withstand harsh wind and rain for a long lasting show.  Self sows if happy but will not be invasive. Flowers best in full sun. Remove faded blossoms to prolong blooming through the summer. Best established in well drained soils. Saskatchewan gardeners tell us they find Iceland Poppy likes life on the prairie where it is a cherished perennial. Horticultural authorities in hot, humid summer climates report Iceland Poppy is best treated as an annual. We are listing hardiness to Zone 2, if grown in climates with drier, warm summers.

How to Grow

8,000 seed/gram. Start indoors in a soil-less mix in late February or March. Do not cover seed as light helps induce germination. Germinates at 20 C (70 F) in 21 days. Grow-on under lights at slightly cooler temperatures before hardening off and planting out after the danger of frost has passed. Outdoor sowing should take place anytime from May to mid-July or late fall for flower in the following season.