Malva Sylvestris - Zebrina (Seeds)

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A good back-of-the-border plant that grows to 150 cm (5′) tall. Strong, erect stems are loaded with 5 cm (2″), cup shaped, mauve-pink flowers that are heavily veined with a velvety-purple. An old fashioned favourite that is widely distributed in the Old World! Tender perennial Hardy to Zone 5 with protection or Zone 6 without. We suggest in most places in Canada, Malva is best grown as an annual.

How to Grow

400 seed/gram. Sow indoors in a soil-less mix in February germinating at 20 C (68 F) for 10-20 days. After germination, grow on under lights at a slightly cooler temperature before hardening off and transplanting out to a sunny site in the garden. Direct garden sow in early May in a full sun to partially shaded location in well drained soil. A late fall sowing can also be attempted. Space the plants 30-45 cm (12-18″) apart in the garden.