Nemophila - Baby Blue Eyes (Seeds)

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Heirloom Flower. These tidy 20 cm (8″) high plants are just covered in a cloud of cup-shaped, sky blue flowers that persist right through the summer. A perfect border plant that only stops flowering when the killing frosts of fall arrive! This common wildflower of California resents transplanting so direct seeding to the garden is recommended.

How to Grow

3000 seed/gram. Sow seed directly outdoors in early to mid-May in a sunny to partially shaded area barely covering the seed with soil. Keep the seeded area evenly moist through the 14 day germination period. Thin the plants to 15 cm (6″) apart when they are 5 cm (2″) tall. Nemophila grows well in containers. Restrict the size of pots as it prefers a crowded root system. When container grown, they are best kept in partial shade.