Ornamental Grasses - Pampas Plume (Seeds)

Ornamental Grasses - Pampas Plume (Seeds)

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Mature plants are absolutely stunning! Large plants 2-3 m (6-9 ft) tall with very ornamental silky white plumes appear in late summer.  This native of Argentina is a tender perennial that is reliably hardy in Zone 6b and up. In Zones 5 and colder, it will have to be potted up and brought indoors in order to survive the winter. The seed is very slow to germinate and it can take 3 to 4 years for the plant to reach its full size.

How to Grow

Easy to grow from seed but slow to germinate often requiring 30 days or more. Best started indoors in late fall through February. Keep growing medium moist and germinate at 18-20 C (65-70 F). After germination, grow on under lights then harden off and transplant outside to a sunny site after the danger of frost has passed. Reaches full height in 3-4 years.