Penstemon - Sensation mixed Colours (Seeds)

Penstemon - Sensation mixed Colours (Seeds)

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Colourful, snapdragon-like tubular flowers of mixed red shades are abundantly borne along tall flower spikes. Also known as Hartweg’s Beardtongue. Foliage is neat, often glossy and unusually evergreen and grows to a height of 90 cm (36″). Flowers appear late spring to mid-summer and continue through to late August.  Often treated as a “hardy annual” in winter climates where a direct autumn sowing blooms in the following summer. In areas where winter snow cover is unreliable, a protective mulch is suggested. Hardy to Zone 5-6 with protection, otherwise approach this plant as a tender perennial best grown as an annual.

How to Grow

2,300 seed/gram. Half hardy perennial that requires a winter mulch in areas of severe cold and little snow cover. Indoors sow seed in a soil-less mix in mid March. Germinate seeds at 18-20 C (65-70 F) for 10-15 days. Grow on under lights then harden off and transplant to a sunny site with rich, well drained soil. Direct garden seeding can also be done in fall. Space plants 30 cm (12″) apart in the garden.