Phlox - Drummondi Mixed Flowers (Seeds)

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A wide range of colours, many with contrasting eyes burst out from the compact 20 cm (8″) tall plants. Individual florets are very large and the colours include rather rare lavender-blue and deep blue colours as well as shades of pink, buff, white and more. Plants can spread to 35 cm (14″) across. Germination and seedling establishment is improved with high humidity.

How to Grow

500 seed/gram. Sow seed directly outdoors 3 mm (1/8″) deep late May in a sunny site. Phlox resent transplanting so when starting seed indoors, sow seed in mid-April using Jiffy 7’s or peat pots filled with a soil-less mix. Keep at 18 C (65 F) for the 15 day germination period then grow-on under lights at a cooler temperature of 14 C (58 F) until hardening off and transplanting outside in early June. Space plants 20 cm (8″) apart in the garden.