Radish - Sai Sai Purple (Seeds)

Radish - Sai Sai Purple (Seeds)

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This exciting new hybrid radish is intended to be grown as baby salad greens. The mid-rib is vibrant purple, contrasting nicely with bright green, nicely rounded leaves with slightly scalloped edges. The succulent leaves have amazing flavour and a pleasant sweetness that would elevate a salad mix to the next level. Left to grow in the garden, Saisai Purple radish seeds will eventually produce a flavourful, bolt resistant daikon root. These are more stout and mild than other daikon varieties. It can also be sprouted, so it’s a highly versatile variety.

Matures in 30-40 days for baby greens, 120 days full size. (Hybrid seeds)

Quick Facts:

    • Excellent baby greens
    • Will form a daikon root