Salvia - Blue Bedder (Seeds)

Salvia - Blue Bedder (Seeds)

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Blue Bedder Salvia Seeds 6035. Despite its awkward name, this variety is no sleeper! Blue Bedder produces large, intense violet-blue spikes on bushy 18" high plants. Huge visual impact when loaded with flowers! Prune out faded flowers and enjoy the attractive foliage. This salvia works well when mixed with lower growing perennials. Needs little care once established. Benefits from fertilization but excessive applications will reduce blooming. Use fertilizer with very low nitrogen (or none at all) for best results.

How to Grow

250-500 seeds/gram. Direct garden sow seed at the end of May. Barely cover the seeds with soil and keep moist through the 7-14 day germination period. Thin or transplant to 12" apart when the seedlings are 2" tall. For earlier flowering, start seed indoors in a soil-less mix in late March. Leave seeds on the surface of the growing medium and maintain a temperature of 21-24°C. Grow on under lights at 15°C before hardening off and transplanting outside in late May.