Eggplant - Blend (Seeds)

Eggplant - Blend (Seeds)

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This premium variety pack includes five different eggplants, from the large black to the petite streaked, to the long pale types. Ideal for containers, this blend reveals the diversity of these easy-to-grow fruits. Choose three to five gallon pots or larger, or try them in a raised bed. Well-drained soil is important, but so is good air circulation. Start Eggplant Blend eggplant seeds indoors in April, and harvest from mid-June into early September. While it's true that eggplants appreciate hot weather, it's a misconception that they are difficult to grow on the coast.

Matures in 55-80 days. (Open-pollinated seeds & Hybrid seeds)

Quick Facts:

    • 5 different eggplants
    • Ideal for containers
    • Easy to grow
    • Open-pollinated seeds, Hybrid seeds
    • Matures in 55-80 days