Sensitive Plant (Mimosa) (Seeds)

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The fern-like leaves of this plant fold up when either blown on or touched then reopen a short time later.  If you listen carefully, you will hear a whispering noise accompanying their closing. The flowers, which occur more often with plants grown outdoors in summer are pink or purple fluffy globe shaped balls.  Very tender perennial hardy to zone 9, hence it is grown as either an annual outdoors in summer or as a houseplant only venturing outside in the height of summer.

How to Grow

150 seed/gram. Sow seed 3 mm (1/8″) deep in a fine, almost sandy mix. Keep the temperature of the growing medium at 26 C (80 F) for the roughly 15 day germination period.  After germination, grow on under under lights at a cooler temperature of 18 C (65 F).  Plants do best indoors in a brightly lit spot with lots of indirect sunlight and away from any cool/cold drafts. When grown outdoors, they thrive at temperatures at or above 26 C (80 F) and in high humidity. Fertilize every two weeks through the summer with half strength water soluble fertilizer high in potassium (such as a tomato fertilizer). While there is no doubt that the folding of the leaves is fun to watch, this can actually weaken the plant should it occur too often.