Snow in Summer (Cerastium Tomentosum) (Seeds)

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Beautiful snow white, late spring flowers and silvery foliage cover this nicely spreading plant. At 20 cm (8″) in height, Snow-In-Summer is one of the best evergreen ground cover for hot, dry areas with poorer soil conditions. Sometimes used as a lawn substitute on hot sunny slopes. Perennial hardy to Zone 3.

How to Grow

2100 seed/gram. Sow seed indoors in a soil-less mix in mid-March. Keep at 18 F (65 F) for the 20-30 day germination period then grow on under lights before hardening off and transplanting outside to a sunny spot. Seed can also be sown directly in the garden in mid to late May. Grows to 20 cm (8”) tall. Two grams sows 4 sq. m. (44 sq. ft.). To maintain a tidy appearance, after flowering is finished, plants can be trimmed to 5 cm (2″) in height if desired.