Stocks - Ten Weeks Dwarf (Seeds)

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Double florets often begin blooming when the plant is only 15 cm (6″) tall and continue all season long. Mature plants average 30 cm (12″) in height. Intoxicating fragrance emits from flowers in shades of pink, red, mauve and white — a must for every garden! Stocks seem to have a natural preference for growing conditions in southern Ontario. Although a hardy annual by nature, blooms are adversely affected by frosts. May self sow and persist on its own in mild climates.

How to Grow

600 seed/gram. Seed is best started indoors in a soil-less mix 6 weeks early. Leave seed uncovered on the surface of the soil-less growing medium. Moisten by misting or bottom watering and keep at 24 C (75 F) for the 20-25 day germination period. Grow-on under lights at 15 C (60 F) before hardening off then transplanting out after the danger of frost has passed. Space plants 30 cm (12″) apart in light, sandy soil. Stocks do best in cooler, slightly shaded locations.