Sweet Peas - Everlasting Mixed Colours (Seeds)

Sweet Peas - Everlasting Mixed Colours (Seeds)

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A beautiful mix of colours from deeper red through rose and light pink to white. Plant in full sun to enjoy rich colour and best garden performance. When climbing, vines can reach 120-150 cm (4-5′) tall. Sweet Pea is a rhizomatous, deep-rooted legume that climbs using tendrils on any support living or constructed. Without support the plant forms a thick mat about 30-40 cm (12-16″) high. Blooms from mid-June to mid-August. Very good for erosion control and slowing invading shrubs and weedy trees. Once established (which takes two growing seasons), plants need little care. Bumblebees pollinate the flowers and some butterflies get nectar from the flowers. Hardy to Zone 5.

How to Grow

20 seed/gram. Seeds are very hard so soak seed for at least a day before sowing. Then sow seed indoors using a plantable container and soil-less mix anytime from March to early April. Germination temperatures near 15 C (60 F) are best. Grow on under lights at the same temperature before hardening off and planting out after the danger of frost has passed. Seed can also be directly sown into the garden in May and again in late fall. A fall sowing allows winter to naturally stratify any seed that might be dormant.