Tomato - Golden Rave (Seeds)

Tomato - Golden Rave (Seeds)

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Golden Rave Tomato Seeds are highly adaptable to many climates and will grow practically anywhere! Enjoy mid/early season heavy yields of beautiful golden yellow saladette type tomatoes. Golden Rave tomatoes are sweet and mild, low in acid with excellent flavour. Perfect for unique coloured sauces and salsas (sweet or hot), or enjoy fresh and add a sweet splash of colour to salads. Plants grow 1.2-1.8 metres(4-6') tall and produce masses of lovely baby romas in clusters of up to 8 fruit. Caging or staking is recommended. These roma tomatoes are typically 5 cm (2") long and 50 grams (1.8 oz.). Golden Rave tomato seed plants are resistant to, or tolerant of, the following tomato diseases: Fusarium Wilt (Race 1) and Tomato (Tobacco) Mosaic Virus. Indeterminate (vine)

Matures in 70 days (Hybrid seeds)

Quick Facts:

    • Sweet, mild saladette with excellent flavour
    • Distinctive golden yellow roma tomato
    • Highly adaptable, disease resistant
    • Indeterminate (vine)
    • Hybrid seeds
    • Matures in 68 days