Coneflower - White Swan (Seeds)

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An attractive white version of the popular purple coneflower. Hardy plants are topped with white, daisy-shaped flowers with yellowish-grey pincushion shaped centres. A reliable late summer flower for borders or cutting. Garden height 60 cm (24″). Even less tolerant of continually wet soil than the purple flowering form. Hardy to Zone 3.

How to Grow

265 seed/gram. An outstanding perennial that is very easy to grow. Loves full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Attracts beneficial insects such as pollinators and butterflies. Seeds are an important late summer and early fall food source for Gold Finches. There is a rich folklore associated with Echinacea, attributing extracts of its roots with the ability to heal the common cold. This robust perennial will turn heads wherever planted and withstand more heat and drought than most. Sow outdoors September through October or start indoors Feb to Mar 1st for bloom the first season. Indoors use a soil-less growing medium and keep the container at 20-25 C (70-80 F) for the 10-15 day germination period. After germination grow on under lights at a slightly cooler temperature. When planting out after hardening off the seedlings, select a site in full sun with good air circulation.