Wild Bergamot - Monarda Fistulosa (Seeds)

Wild Bergamot - Monarda Fistulosa (Seeds)

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Also known as Bee Balm or Monarda. A popular showy native perennial plant often used as an ornamental planting but also has a high pollinator value. Makes a great tea too. Summer blooming plant with pink to lavender flowers and often found in open, dry fields, thickets and clearings usually on limy soil.

How to Grow

2800 seeds/gram. Start 8-10 weeks early indoors before last frost or direct sow outdoors 2-3 weeks before your last frost in the fall. Optimum soil temperatures are 15-21°C. Sow seed 1/4" deep and lightly cover with soil. Thin or space plants to 18-24" apart in the garden. Wild Bergamot prefers full sun to light shade.