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They prefer bright indirect light. Try to avoid placing them directly in a south or west facing window as the light can be to intense and scorch the leaves.


The rosette of broad leaves creates a "cup" or "vase" in the plants centre. These plants hold water in the cup and leaf axils. Plants with cups should be filled, and not allowed to remain empty.

The tank should be flushed out with plenty of water periodically to prevent possible stagnation. This periodic flushing also prevents a build-up of salts left when water in the cup evaporates. Water should be removed from the cup if the temperature is likely to fall below 40 degrees. Hopefully this won't happen to you inside. This practice will prevent cold damage which appears as a brown line across each leaf at the water level.

If you are growing indoors you may need to mist the plant about twice a week in addition to your watering in order to prevent drying of the leaves by the low humidity. Bromeliads are like most other plants in that they will tell you when they become stressed from being too dry. Drying the plant out can cause permanent cellular damage to the leaf structure.

In homes where the relative humidity is low (during winter months and in air-conditioning) plants must be checked and watered more often.


Your original bromeliad will not flower again after it finishes. Your initial plant will produce baby plants which can be separated from the main plant. These babies will eventually flower.

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