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Air Plants

● Really cool indoor plants which get their name from the fact that they get their water by absorbing it from the air and do not live in soil!
● Many are native to rainforest or tropical regions where they use their roots only to attach themselves to the sides of trees and then they get their water by absorbing moisture from the humid air
● For this reason placing them in brighter bathrooms is great because they are naturally more humid from showering etc.
● They require bright indirect light to do their best
● They are quite low maintenance houseplants overall and are great for beginners
● They can be mounted to different things using ties or can be glued using waterproof glue as well. You can even glue them to a magnet and keep them on your fridge!

Watering of air plants can be done one of two ways
By Misting: Mist your air plants 1-2 times per week
By Soaking: Soak your air plant in a bath or bowl of water for about 30 minutes then shake it off and set it somewhere to dry. It should take no longer than 4 hours to dry to avoid rotting. This is the best way to water and should be done once every 1-3 weeks depending on how dry the air is where they are
●Wrinkled or curled leaves are a sign to water. Only mist white air plants as they require much less water and soaking is too much water for them