How To Boost Your Vegetables

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how to boost your vegetables

How To Boost Your Vegetables

My Vegetables And Flowers Need A Boost.
What Do You Suggest?

Later in the growing season, it is often necessary to give container plants, hanging baskets, flower beds, vegetable gardens and perennial beds a little extra boost to encourage them to continue to thrive through the summer. Depending on the soil type, various fertilizers will be suitable. Generally speaking, fertilizers with a high middle number (phosphorous) will encourage anything that would flower or set fruit to improve its appearance. However, every once in a while a new product comes along that further enhances the growth and health of plants.

Naturally occurring in the soil are tiny microbes called Mycorrhiza. These are naturally occurring enhancers that aid the ability of plants to uptake nutrients. These beneficial microbes have a method of attaching themselves to the roots of the plant and increase the amount of nutrient that can be absorbed. This works very well in any kind of soil from sand to clay.

A new product called Myke is a natural mycorrhiza product that can be added to the soil. The results are amazing. Myke contains the beneficial fungus on a carrier. The fungus associates with plant roots and increases phosphorous uptake. Phosphorous is the essential nutrient that stimulates root development that enhances plant growth.

Special formulas of Myke are available for annuals and perennials, as well as for vegetables.

Normally this product is worked into the soil at the time of planting. However, during the summer this product may be applied around the base of the plants and worked into the soil and watered down to the roots. It is important that this product come in contact with the roots in order for it to be effective. Once the application of Myke has been completed. Visual improvements in the growth of the plant and flowering will be evident within a short number of days. In average cases the improvement in root growth is doubled. If applying fertilizers at the same time, it is important to apply only half as much fertilizer.

Another product with contains mycorrhiza but is even better when it comes to applications after planting is Root Rescue. Root rescue is a water soluble version which is much easier to water into the soil and get to the roots of plants that have already been planted. Root rescue also contains over 15 different types of mycorrhiza in it making it compatible with any plants where as with Myke you need to make sure that you select the right kind for the right plant. This is because in Myke the mycorrhizal varieties are more specific to certain types of plants (ex:vegetables vs trees). Both can be found here.

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