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Spring Bulbs

Spring Bulb Planting Tips
  • Choose a planting area with good drainage so the bulbs won’t rot.
  • Plant the bulbs 2-3 times as deep as they are tall and space them about 2 times their width.                         
  • Whether small or large, it is better to plant the bulbs in groups or wider rows so they can support each other in the wind. 
  • Cover bulbs with soil, then water to give the roots a kick-start.
  • Plant spring bulbs after the last spring frost in your area.
  • There is no surefire way to protect the bulbs from marauding creatures, but covering bulbs in the hole with chicken wire, or spreading blood or bone meal seems to be some of the more effective solutions.
  • After the bulbs are planted, clean up the area and tamp down the soil so that critters won’t be able to sniff out the bulbs so easily.
  • Spring planted bulbs usually flower between early summer to early fall.
  • Bulbs need about 1" of water per week. If they are not getting this by rainfall you will need to add some water yourself. (just keep in mind that the bulbs roots are buried pretty deep so a light sprinkle on the surface of the soil won't help them much and you should water enough so that it soaks down to where their roots are)
  • A light watering after planting can be good to help settle the soil