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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

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3.25”  Pot Size

Experience Level Needed: Low

Mature Size

Up to 2-3' tall and wide.


One of the easiest to care for houseplants out there! This is the healing aloe variety whose leaves when broken off emit a sap that soothes wounds and sunburns when applied. The insides of its leaves have also been used to smoothies to give it a different texture and some claim it helps improve digestion.

Light Requirements

When growing indoors, place it near a southern or southwest-facing window that gets plenty of bright, indirect light. To keep them looking green avoid exposing them to direct sun which can cause the leaves to brown. You may want to rotate the pot once a week so that all sides of the plant get equal lighting and will keep the plant looking balanced as one side will not end up stretching for light. If they are put in too dim of an area they may go dormant and stop growing.

When outdoors provide light shade. A great spot is on a patio or porch. 


It is ideal to give it regular watering, especially if being grown outside for part of the year. Water deeply when the soil is completely dry. (about once every two weeks indoors) Cut back on watering during the winter months. Overwatering is the top reason why aloe plants die so when in doubt its better to decide to not water than to water. It can tolerate periods of drought...or forgetful waterers ;) Try to water from the bottom and get as little water as possible on the leaves. Blow or wipe large amount of standing water on leaves to avoid leaf marking.

Additional Care Tips and Info

Use a cacti or succulent soil mix. Drainage is essential because too much moisture in the soil will cause the roots to rot. Clay pots are ideal as they tend to allow the soil in them to dry out quicker. 

Limp or brown leaves may signal overwatering.

Repot your aloe if the weight of the plant causes tipping, but otherwise don't worry about giving it lots of space. This plant thrives in snug conditions.