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Bean - French Horticulture (Seeds)

Bean - French Horticulture (Seeds)

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Variety originated in France. Pick green pods when 15-17 cm (6-7”) long for fresh snap beans. Pods become lumpy as they mature and change colour from green to red with yellow streaks. When fully mature the shelled beans are ideal for baking and soups. Beige-brown seed. Matures in 64 days.

How to Grow

Direct sow in a sunny spot in late spring when danger of frost has passed and the ground has warmed to at least 18°C (65°F). Seed can be sown every two weeks for multiple crops.

Planting Depth: 3.75 cm (1.5”). Seed Spacing: 10 cm (4”). Thin to: 20 cm (8”). Row Width: 60 cm (24”)

COMMENTS: Can produce runners but is typically not staked. Does best in deep, well drained organic soil. Bean seed will rot rapidly when planted in soil that is colder than recommended.