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Herb Gardening for Canada Book

Herb Gardening for Canada Book

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Herbs add fragrance, beauty and practicality to your garden — and it’s easy to grow a wide variety of them just about anywhere in Canada. This book, by veteran garden writer Laura Peters, offers handy tips and advice on growing 47 varieties of herbs perfect for Canadian conditions:

* Starting, maintaining and harvesting herbs

* Propagation and winter care

* Solutions to common garden problems.

* This practical book will help you contribute to the age-old tradition of using herbs to flavour foods, give seductive scents to potpourris and perfumes, and add healthful, healing qualities to lotions and lip blams:

* Exotic herbs such as kaffir lime, lemongrass, red valerian, fenugreek and stevia can be grown easily across Canada

* Edible flowers such as nasturtiums and calendula can be grown for salads and flavouring in teas, honeys and butters

* Fragrant herbs such as basil, rosemary and sage can be used in infusions, herbal baths and soaps.

  • 248 pages