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Broccoli - Aspabroc F1 Broccollini (Seeds)

Broccoli - Aspabroc F1 Broccollini (Seeds)

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This delicious broccolini resembles a broccoli raab, but with an asparagus-like stem. Aspabroc Broccolini has a sweet, delicate flavour with a subtle, peppery taste. The flavour is milder and sweeter when cooked. When eaten raw, the vegetable has a tender yet crunchy texture. Aspabroc is a nutritional powerhouse, full of vitamins and minerals the body needs to stay fit and healthy. Aspabroc broccolini seeds are a natural hybrid of broccoli and gai lan, and are not genetically engineered. Follow spring planting for summer harvest instructions for this unique variety. This is the same broccolini that has been available in grocery stores for the last few years. Now you can grow it at home!

Matures in 50 days. (Hybrid seeds)

Quick Facts:

    • Has sweet, delicate flavour
    • Delicious "baby broccolini"
    • Full of vitamins and minerals
    • Hybrid seeds
    • Matures in 50 days