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Broccoli - Green Sprouting Organic (Seeds)

Broccoli - Green Sprouting Organic (Seeds)

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  • Canada Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Heirloom Variety

An old Italian variety that matures early and is surprisingly easy to grow. Large vigorous plants growing to approximately 20-24" in height are reliable producers of clusters of light blue-green heads. Delectable tasting heads are packed with vitamins and health boosting qualities. After harvesting the main head, numerous medium sized lateral heads will form for harvest later in the season.

How to Grow

Broccoli thrives in a warm sunny site with soil that is deep, organic and well drained - avoid windy sites. Since broccoli matures fairly quickly and makes its best growth in cooler weather, both early and late crops are possible. For early crops, start seeds indoors in a soil-less mix from late March to early April. Set out the transplants in late April and early May spacing them about 18" apart in rows 3' apart. Use a balanced vegetable fertilizer and keep the soil well weeded and evenly watered. Broccoli can become top heavy as the heads form so be prepared to stake taller varieties. Harvest the main head when the buds are tight and compact and well before flowering occurs. To do so, cut the centre stalk at an angle below the main head and avoid damaging the side shoots. This will encourage further heads to set and help prolong the harvest. Flowering will signal and end to head production. One package sows approx. 66' of row when thinned to a 16-18" spacing.