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Moon Cactus assorted

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Grafted 3” cactus with ceramic pot

Experience Level Needed: Low-Medium

Mature Size

1" Wide x up to 5" tall


These colourful plants are also often referred to as grafted cacti. The reason for this is because the lovely coloured moon cactus does not have the ability to produce chlorophyll and so it needs to be grafted (attached) to a plant which can produce its own chlorophyll for it to survive. Moon cacti can survive for up to 3 years while constantly providing you with a nice pop of colour to your home!

Light Requirements

They enjoy bright indirect light so a south or west facing window with blinds is ideal. 


Water the soil enough so that it drains through and then allow the soil to dry completely to the base before watering again. When it comes to cacti it is always recommended to not water when in doubt. If you water to the point of making the soil soggy it can cause the plant's roots to rot. All watering should be suspended over the winter months.

Additional Care Tips and Info

Moon cacti prefer to be a little crowded in their pots and so require very little potting up. It is recommended for optimal health to swap out their soil for some fresh cacti/succulent soil once a year but it is not required.