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Cactus assorted 3.25"

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3.25” Pot Size

Experience Level Needed: Low-Medium

Mature Size

Cacti are generally very slow growing plants. Come varieties can get up to over a foot given the right conditions and care. Most cacti will stay small if kept in a smaller pot size.


The best plant for the forgetful waterer.  These plants make a great addition to any sunny windowsill with lower humidity. They come with a variation of unique shapes, spine colours, and spine shapes. They are great plants to get into if you would like to start a plant collection!

Light Requirements

As a plant that originates in the desert where the sun is shining brightly all day cacti enjoy as much light as you can give them. A South or West facing window will usually provide this nice bright light.


Cacti require very little watering. You want to let the soil dry out thoroughly between waterings. You do not want to water to the point of having soggy soil. Overwatering will cause your cactus's roots to rot. You will generally only need to water your cacti once a month on average during the growing season. You want to water infrequently if at all during the winter months.

Additional Care Tips and Info

Use a cacti fertilizer or diluted all purpose fertilizer a couple times throughout the growing season. Cacti a not heavy feeders so fertilizing is not a big part of their care.

When potting them up use a cacti or succulent soil mix. These mixes quickly drain and dry out which helps prevent cacti roots from sitting in water too long and rotting.

Smaller cacti tend to bloom well indoors if they are given a distinct winter period. This is simulated by lowering or completely stopping watering over the winter months. It is also simulated by decreasing the temperature of the space they are in to 5-10 degrees Celsius.