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CIL Dolomitic Limestone 15kg

CIL Dolomitic Limestone 15kg

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  • Effective in neutralizing acidic soil
  • Promotes utilization of soil nutrients
  • Improves soil structure and soil bacteria activity
  • Granular composition increases effectiveness
  • Contains essential nutrients vital to proper earth development
  • Contains calcium and magnesium, both ideal for vibrant green grass
  • Lime contributes to bacteria proliferation and vegetable growth while neutralizing acidic soil and conditioning grass for a durable lawn

Available in a 33 lb (15 kg) bag.

Rate of Applications-kg per 10m² (100 ft²) to correct soil acidity

 Soil Type

Sandy Soils



High Acidity (pH currently 4.5)

2.5 5 10

Medium Acidity (pH currently 5.5)

1.5 4 7.5

Low Acidity (pH currently 6)

1 2 3.75


Work desired quantity into the top 15cm (6") of soil.

When Used on Grass:

  • Do not apply more than 2 kg per 100m² (100 ft²) at any one time. If you need to apply more than 2kg do it in multiple applications 2 months apart
  • Apply it on a windless day to minimize dust drift