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CIL Golfgreen Starter Lawn Fertilizer 10-20-5 7kg

CIL Golfgreen Starter Lawn Fertilizer 10-20-5 7kg

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For overseeding and planting new seed/sod.

  • High in phosphorus
  • Double Coated Nitrogen for slow-release feeding
  • Encourages root growth and development on freshly laid sod and grass seed
  • Feeds and helps your lawn maintain a rich, green colour for up to 2 months
  • 1 Bag covers approx 175 m² or 1880 ft²
  • Apply at a rate of 0.4 kg per 10 m² or 0.8 lbs per 100 ft²

How To Use:

Apply before you lay sod or spread seed.

For even coverage and to get the most out of a bag use a fertilizer spreader to apply

Apply in two passes with the second pass going at a right angle to the first direction you walked for even coverage. Close the spreader when stopping or turning.