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CIL Tree & Hedge Feeder 18-4-6 Fertilizer 10kg

CIL Tree & Hedge Feeder 18-4-6 Fertilizer 10kg

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  • Slow release fertilizer for shrubs and hedges
  • Contains slow release nitrogen for continuous feeding over several weeks

How To Use

For Trees and Shrubs:

  • Measure the trunk diameter (approx 0.5m from ground level) and use 100g per cm (1/2") or use 7.5kg per 100m²
  • Apply in early spring with a lawn spreader. For trees apply 30cm (1') away from trunk and spread 30 cm (1') beyond drip line (outer edge of tree canopy)
  • Apply at 6-8 week intervals throughout the growing season beginning in early spring
  • Water area thoroughly

For Hedges:

  • For each meter (yard) of height use 500g (1.1lbs) per 10 meters (33') of length
  • Apply in band 70cm (2') wide on both sides of the hedge and water in
  • Apply every 6-8 weeks starting in early spring

For Foundation Evergreens:

  • Apply 275g (0.6 lbs) in the area 4m² (40 ft²) surrounding the evergreen
  • Apply every 6-8 weeks beginning in early spring
  • Water thoroughly after application

Where trees are growing or bordering on a lawn the tree and hedge fertilizer should be applied in addition to lawn fertilizers in order to provide sufficient nutrients for trees and the lawn.

Looking for an efficient way to fertilizer trees that have grass growing at the base?

Check out our fertilizer spikes! They are inserted into the ground past the grass layer and get nutrients directly to the trees roots before the lawn sucks them all up!