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Cucumber - Wisconsin SMR 58 Organic (Seeds)

Cucumber - Wisconsin SMR 58 Organic (Seeds)

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  • Canada Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Heirloom Variety

Produces large numbers of picklers with tiny black spines and medium green fruits that taper nicely at both ends. This is an improved version of SMR and is resistant to most cucumber diseases. Very popular with both commercial growers and backyard gardeners.

How to Grow

Cucumbers grow best in a wind-sheltered site with rich, warm sandy loam. Sow seed when the dancer of frost has passed and when the soil has warmed up to at least 18°C - cooler soils lead to poor germination. Sow seed 3/4" deep with 8 seeds per hill in hills spaced 4-5' apart. After germination, thin to 3-4 plants per hill. Harvest cucumbers by cutting them from the vine with a sharp knife. To get a jump on the season, start seed indoors in fibre pots 3 to 5 weeks before planting out. Do not plant out until early June to avoid cool nights and blossom end drop. Cucumbers are shallow rooted and need a consistent, even supply of water. Water is best applied early in the morning - this avoids creating favourable conditions for mildew on the foliage.