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Essential Oil - Allergy 10ml bottle

Essential Oil - Allergy 10ml bottle

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  • These specially selected essential oils are known for their allergy combating properties. Carefully formulated for the perfect balance to help ease the effects of allergies.

    Lavender naturally quells inflammation, inhibits anxiety, and encourages a deep sleep, all of which can benefit people with allergies. It is also known to inhibit the release of histamine—which is naturally released when the body responds to allergens—and inhibits cell proliferation. Lavender is an especially good option for skin allergies, as it is gentle on the skin and calms irritation, with research indicating that it speeds up healing.

    In one study, it was found that a lemon-based nasal spray helped in the treatment of perennial and seasonal allergic rhinitis. Lemon essential oil can also inhibit bacterial activity. It is not recommended to apply citrus-based essential oils to the skin before exposure to the sun. These oils can cause the skin to become more sensitive to sunlight, increasing the risk of harmful blistering or burning. (*Keep out of reach of cats and dogs*)

    2010 study, although on animals, found that peppermint oil has a relaxing effect on smooth muscle, which helps to reduce the contractions that cause coughing. According to other research, the oil may also help treat anxiety and mental fatigue, symptoms that are often experienced by allergy sufferers. Peppermint may be useful for relieving seasonal allergies. (*Keep out of reach of cats and dogs*)

    Thyme essential oil contains allergy-fighting properties that help to inhibit the body’s inflammatory responses, in addition to killing bacteria and fungus. This essential oil can be effectively used for treating respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma due to thyme’s antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antispasmodic properties.