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Green Earth Lawn Fertilizer 9-3-4 9kg

Green Earth Lawn Fertilizer 9-3-4 9kg

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Great all purpose fertilizer for your lawn. Apply 4 times per year (Early spring, late spring, summer, and fall) or use it as part of any complete fertilizer program!

Application Rate:

Apply 2.8kg per 100m². (100m² is an area approximately 12 normal paces x 12 normal paces) One bag does an area of approx 320m² or 3440 ft².

How To Apply:

  • Apply with a lawn spreader to dry grass only
  • Cover the lawn twice at half the recommended amount using a criss-cross pattern
  • Shut off your spreader when filling, stopping, or not wanting to fertilize area where you are walking
  • Do not fill your spreader on your lawn as excessive amounts of fertilizer falling in one spot from spills can cause lawn burn


Nitrogen: 9%
Phosphorus: 3%
Potassium: 4%
Calcium: 3%
Sulphur: 1%
Organic Matter: 65%

Additional Tips

Watering: Make sure your lawn gets 1 3/4" of water weekly from either rain or sprinkling

Mowing: Mow lawns regularly not taking off more than 25% of the grass blades in a single mowing. This helps keep the grass from getting stressed out too much.