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Wilson Home Pest Control - 1L RTU

Wilson Home Pest Control - 1L RTU

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  • 1L Ready to Use
  • Fast action and long-lasting results


Indoors: For spot application only. Do not use as a space spray or broadcast application indoors. 
Outdoors: For treatment of localized infestations on patios, decks and non crop areas, spray infested areas thoroughly. 
Read product label for complete and detailed directions.


Indoors and outdoors


Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Crickets, Silverfish, Firebrats, Sowbugs, Carpet Beetles, Cloth Moths.


Allow to dry thoroughly before allowing pets to contact treatment areas. Vinyl and Aluminum Siding: The application of this product to vinyl and aluminum siding (particularly lightly colored, aged, weathered or otherwise damaged) may result in staining, bleaching or discoloration. 

To control Clothes Moths:

Remove any infested articles from storage, brush thoroughly and air for several hours in sunlight, if possible. Apply spray liberally to empty chests, closets, bureaus and other storage areas directing the spray into cracks, joints and crevices. After airing, infested articles may be treated lightly, keeping nozzle at least 90 cm (3 ft) from fabric to avoid staining. Allow articles to dry before handling and launder clothes before wearing. Do not apply to tapestries, wall paper or similar materials that may be stained. For all other surfaces, test a small inconspicuous area of the surface to be treated for colour fastness and staining before full application. DO NOT USE on humans or animals.