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Kale - Storm (Seeds)

Kale - Storm (Seeds)

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Kale Storm multi-seed pellets each contain up to four different kale varieties each. These pellets are perfect for planting in containers, or for simplifying planting in the garden row. Because each pellet contains several seeds, the pellets themselves should be spaced about 15cm (6") apart, whether in pots or outdoor beds. The kale will grow in densely, almost with the appearance that several kale leaf types are growing from a single stem. Harvest these kale leaves at immature to semi-mature size. 

This product looks absolutely fabulous growing in 15-25cm (6-10") flower pots. They look like veritable bouquets of kale!

Includes 10 pellets

Quick Facts:

    • Four varieties of kale in each pellet
    • Super easy planting
    • Harvest baby leaves
    • Fantastic in containers
    • Decorative and nutritious