Kale - Winter Blend (Seeds)

Kale - Winter Blend (Seeds)

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Our premium blend of our most popular cold-hardy winter kale for sowing mid-summer and harvest throughout the late fall and winter. As temperatures dip and frosts become heavier, kale converts much of its starch in to sugars, which gives it a somewhat sweeter flavour that is less "green" tasting than summer harvested kale. When other vegetables crumble and wilt, these workhorses keep on producing nutritious leaves all winter long. plant some Winter Blend kale seeds, and harvest the nutritious leaves for juicing or fresh eating during the winter months.

Matures in 50-80 days.

Quick Facts:

    • Most popular cold-hardy winter kale
    • When other veggies wilt, these keep producing
    • Sow mid-summer, harvest fall and winter
    • Open-pollinated seeds, Hybrid seeds
    • Matures in 50-80 days