Lettuce Blends - Summer Picnic Pelleted (Seeds)

Lettuce Blends - Summer Picnic Pelleted (Seeds)

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Grow a bowl of summer sunshine with this pelleted mix of red and green lettuces. Planting is a simple matter of poking two to three pellets into the soil in a 15cm (6") or larger container. Keep it moist and it will grow into a mound of salad greens up to 30cm (12") tall and wide. This mix is the most heat-tolerant of our mesclun mixes.

Summer Picnic pelleted mesclun seeds are part of the Simply Salad series. Each pellet contains four to five seeds of different varieties. So planting one pellet results in a tight-growing clump of mixed greens. Try to avoid over crowding your containers by sowing the pellets 10cm (4") apart or more.

Quick Facts:

    • Pelleted for easy handling
    • A mix of red and green leaves
    • Harvest at baby leaf stage
    • Open pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 55 days.