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Lettuce - Paris Island Romaine/Cos Organic (Seeds)

Lettuce - Paris Island Romaine/Cos Organic (Seeds)

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  • Canada Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Heirloom Variety

Romaine type lettuce growing to about 25 cm (10") in height with loosely packed emerald green leaves sheltering an inviting creamy white heart. Leaves are crisp and fresh tasting even in summer warmth. Good resistance to bolting with decent tolerance to tip burn. This variety has been grown since at least the early 1800's.

How to Grow

While lettuce is fairly adaptable, ti will make its best growth in organic, well-drained soil in sunny locations. Since lettuce is a cool weather crop, sow seed as soon as the soil can be worked int he spring then every two weeks thereafter to ensure a continuous supply. Sow seed about ever 3 mm (1/8") deep in rows 45 cm (18") apart. Lettuce can also be sown in blocks or squares as opposed to rows. Harvest leaf lettuce by either pulling the entire plant or by cutting leaves from the main stem at least 2.5 cm (1") above the base - this will allow the plant to sprout new leaves. Once lettuce bolts (starts to produce a rapidly growing flower stem) leaves will become bitter.