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Nematodes - 10 Million Lawn Guardian (For Grubs)

Nematodes - 10 Million Lawn Guardian (For Grubs)

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Are skunks or raccoons digging up your lawn? Do you have large patches of dead grass? These are signs you have lawn grubs. Lawn Grubs are the larval stage of May/June Beetles, Japanese Beetles and European Chafers. Lawn Guardian consists of beneficial nematodes that are microscopic worms which are native to Canada. Lawn Guardian is a mix of two nematodes, one that is close to the surface and one that goes deeper. NIC nematodes are isolated Canadian Strains that are Produced by NIC in Ontario, on a live host. They are fresher, more keyed to Canadian pests and 100% organic.

In the spring (May) when soil temperature is 10C (50F) or warmer and grubs are seen in the soil. An application will stop grubs from damaging your grass roots. Apply in autumn (end of August to September) eliminating grubs thus preventing fall and following springs damage. Next years application should be in the fall.
100% Safe for people, pets, plants and even earthworms.

Packed on: Sponge
Coverage: 10 million covers approx. 2000-3000 sq. ft.
Storage: 8 weeks in refrigeration Please note expiry date!
Timing: when grubs are present in soil.


1. Open Lawn Guardian beneficial nematode package, remove sponge and place in 4L of water and wring out the sponge 5 to 10 times. Also rinse plastic bag to release any remaining nematodes., then remove bag and sponge. This will make a nematode concentrate.

2. Apply nematode concentrate with Natural Insect Control's Hose End Sprayer. This will add an additional 320L of water to your treatment area of 2000-3000 sq. ft.

3. Nematodes can be applied with other hose end sprayers. Make sure that your sprayer is well cleaned and set to allow the most amount of water. Also note if your sprayer does not empty that you must add tea or food coloring to the concentrate so you will know when your hose end sprayer has applied the nematodes.

4. Prior to filling the Hose End Sprayer bottle - vigorously stir the nematode concentrate each time as the nematodes are heavy and fall to the bottom. This ensures an even distribution.

5. Use all Lawn Guardian within a 2 hour period once mixed.

Helpful hints: 

How long should grass be when I apply the nematodes? The grass needs to between 1 to 2 inches in length. The nematodes need to be easily washed into the soil from the blades of the grass.

Should grass be kept moist after the nematodes have been applied? Yes, the lawn should be wet for 3 to 4 day after the application. This allows the nematodes to find the grubs and start to control this pest.

How much time should pass before the grass is first cut after the nematodes have been applied? You can mow your grass the next day.

SPECIAL NOTES: Note: Beneficial nematodes are most effective when soil is moist and remains moist for 3 to 5 days after application. Lawn Guardian is easy to apply using a hose-end sprayer and comes with full instructions.


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