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3 inch single/double stem

Experience Level: High

Orchids are a great way to add a pop of colour inside. Their flowers last a really long time (about 3 months). They require bright but indirect light so a west or east facing window is ideal. You water them when the roots in the pot look silvery grey. To water you let the pot sit submerged in a larger pot or bowl for 10-15 minutes. You then take the pot out of the water filled pot and let any excess water drain. the roots on the top of the pot can be misted with a spray bottle every now and again to keep them from drying out.


An orchids leaves may turn yellow when flowering. This is because the plant is taking some energy from the leaves and using it to produce flowers.

An orchid will re-bloom typically once every 8-12 months.

Some people will put ice cubes on the top of the pot and let them slowly melt into the bark medium to water them as well.

Make sure to replace your orchid bark medium if it is starting to break down a lot and become more fine. If it becomes too fine it may hold onto the water to much and cause the roots to start to rot.