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Parsley - Giant of Italy (Seeds)

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Heirloom Vegetable. Variety originated in Italy. Large, flat, deeply cut dark green leaves on strong upright stems. Grows to 45 cm (18”) or more in height. Rich flavour makes it an excellent choice for use fresh as a garnish and in salads or in prepared soups and sauces. Matures in 70-90 days.

How to Grow

Sow seed in successive crops in a sunny site every two weeks from May to July. Side dress plants with a balanced fertilizer in mid season. For best harvest, keep plants evenly watered all season and especially during periods of drought. Be patient as seed typically takes 21-28 days to germinate.

Planting Depth: 6 mm (1/4”). Seed Spacing: 6 mm (1/4”). Thin to: 10 cm (4”). Row Width: 40 cm (16”).

COMMENTS: Cover seedbed with burlap until first seedlings appear. Leaves can be used both fresh and dried. A great choice for the kitchen container garden.